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 Philosophy of stunting and useful files.

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PostSubject: Philosophy of stunting and useful files.   Tue Oct 28, 2014 5:52 am

In this post I would like to talk about stunting's philosophy and share some useful thingies.
If you want to make a stunt montage you'd better use SA in single player mode. The reasons are replays and spawners. Using SA replay system we can film the stunt from different camera angles and using trainers such as SA Crazytrainer we can easily save 50% of time due to teleports. Although it is very important not to use any mods affecting/changing the physics of the game.
There are some advices:
-If you performed the stunt well but there's a way to make it better - do it better.
-Choose the best runup way, it is very important.
-Think about all nuances of what you're doing, control your bike (car, boat, whatever) fully.
-Most of stunts have already been done and shared, so be inventive: look inside them, find new possibilities.
-Treat it seriously, either what's the reason to do it at all?

Useful information:
F1 - Look at the last 30 seconds
F2 - Save the replay to: "...\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\replay.rep"
F3 - Look at the saved 30 second replay.
Important: Change the name at replay.rep , because if you don't, the replay will be overwritten.
Important: You should wait at least three seconds before pressing F3 after pressing F2, because sometimes you can get corrupted replays.
Once you have landed a stunt or you have something interesting or whatever you want to share, press F2 to save the replay. Then if you want to view the saved replay press F3.
The replay will be saved in "...\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files" folder. Go there and you should see a file named "replay.rep". Now rename it to something like "Huge P2B in LS.rep" and copy-paste it in your replays folder or somewhere you like.
When you want to view a replay that you made some time ago, copy-paste it in "...\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files" and rename it to "replay.rep". Start the game and then press F3.
Useful things:
-100% save - A simple 100% save where everything that can be done has been done already. The file goes into the "My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files" directory. This save was made for the standard main.scm that installs normally with the game.
-Clean nrg-500 - Replace "nrg500.txd" from "...\GTA San Andreas\models\gta3.img" using IMGTool. This mod removes all decals and number plates from the NRG.
-Crazy Trainer +151 - This application combines a very good trainer, vehicle spawner, teleporter and garage editor all in one.
-Alci's IMG Editor 1.5 - This tool allows you to extract and replace the files trapped inside the IMG files.
-SA CamHack 1.2 - This tool will help you to make better intros and it can disable/enable speed motion blur effect.
-GXT Editor 1.2 - This editor allows you to modify GTA: SA localization files so you can put your own text in the game.
-Vehicle Spawn 1.1 - This mod will help you to spawn any vehicles.

Stunting is SA-MP.
We can also perform stunts in SA-MP, but approach here is different. Stunting in SA-MP is more competitive (like stunt races on PS) but it also has good sides. All those stunt races are perfect for practice. It is hard to imagine a situation where you'd increase your skill faster, competition makes you more accurate and concentrated. But do not abuse this, first of all we are doing this for fun and estetic pleasure.
Series of stunting tutorials to follow.
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PostSubject: Re: Philosophy of stunting and useful files.   Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:22 am

Replays? ha haa. Try SaRaH - SA Replay Handler
and no more alt+tab to rename replays.

About the NRG thing i would say... Make your own nrg, just don't modify wheels contact surface, collision or lower chasis part. any other thing can be freely modified without touching game mechanics. The cooler and unique your bike is the better.


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PostSubject: Re: Philosophy of stunting and useful files.   Tue Oct 28, 2014 7:02 am

Oh, thanks for the utilite. It will be useful for sure. Yeah, about making your own nrg, for that skills in making models are required, but, well, your bike is wonderful haha. *___*
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PostSubject: Re: Philosophy of stunting and useful files.   

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Philosophy of stunting and useful files.
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