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 [DENIED]K0kY's appliaction to SAK

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PostSubject: [DENIED]K0kY's appliaction to SAK   Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:05 am

i]- Personal info[/i]

   Name(optional):My real name is Jovan
   Contact email:jovankokic98@outlook.com
   Age:Im currently 16 years old
   Country, City/Timezone:I live in Serbia,Nis,Timezone:GMT +2
   Main languages:Well,I know to speak English and a bit of German and French
   Introduce yourself:Alright so..My real name is Jovan,my nickname is K0kY,my nick comes out of my surname.And yeah that nickname is the only I used,and its my favourite.Im from Serbia,I live in south part of my country in city called Nis.My hobbies are watching movies,playing games also I love listening to music.I used to make music beats but I stopped making them for a while now,I just got bored..I like mostly rap music,also I like listening to other genres as well.
- Gaming info

   Common nicknames:Like I said,I used only K0kY,thats my only nickname
   Steam Profile:http://steamcommunity.com/id/k0ky420
   Games you play:I mostly play games on my Steam account like CS:GO,L4D2 also Payday:The Heist and I also play SA:MP when Im bored..
   How active per day can you be?:Well I everyday come on Steam,and Im online in there everyday for about 2-3 hours..
   Clan history (where you have been and why you left):Well I was in [Y] clan and I got kicked out of it because,that clan comes out of 3 owners and only one of them pulled for me the rest said no and so they decided to kick me,I dont know why..Also I was in [ToX] clan left it due to the owner of the clan they stopped playing SA:MP and everyone started being in-active so I was bored,and I was [cH] clan and I got kicked due to my inactivity,I was busy in real life and they kicked me so..
   How did you find out of the SAK clan or got us to know?:I found out about SAK clan by [SAK]Nyphz
   Why SAK?:Why SAK?Thats good question..I picked SAK because I see it has nice members,and I played a game L4D2 with Nyphz and we had nice time,I gotta say I enjoyed..Its clan where we can have nice time,play together,joke,show skills..

   - Skills info

   Image:I know to edit photos in some simple programs,nothing much..
   Video:Im good at making intro's like in sony vegas,I used to make them a lot in the past..
   Programming:No skills
   Animation:No skills

I have skills in making music beats like I said above,Im good at making rap music beats,thats the genre im good at

   Extra Info:
   I hope I will get chance from you guys to meet better,and that we will have nice time in playing together..
   Thanks for reading my application,
   K0kY Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED]K0kY's appliaction to SAK   Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:24 am

We've decided to deny this.
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[DENIED]K0kY's appliaction to SAK
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