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 The Asylum

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PostSubject: The Asylum   Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:25 pm


Current list of features and explanation of gamemode.

By registering at http://necrosasylum.com You can protect your nickname and Clan name/tag. You can also register this ingame, but is prefered to do on website. Your own private gang forum is also in development. On the website you will have your clan as a group. No 1 will be able to impersonate you or your clan/gang, unless you give them access to it.

Your skin you select at Spawn will thusly be your skin unless you change it. With /garage /weapons and your chosen skin. You will spawn with them all each time you die. Garage and weapons explained below.

To select your spawn weapons
You can have up to 5 spawn weapons, to start with your are given 2. You gaine more as law or wanted leve is increased. Wanted level is increased by your score.
The higher your wanted level the more your worht to kill and the more spawn weapons you get.

This command allows you to select a spawn vehicle. you can have up to 10 vehicles. You may select new, trade in, and tune your vehicles in your garage. You can add nos/paint/rims/bodykits etc. You may only do /garage after each death.

Clan Registration

/clan cmdlist
Here you can register your clan, so that there are no impersonators of it. You can invite/kick/join/reg/advertise the clan all in game. If your clan is not registered it will remove whatever tag you have on, this is again to prevent impersonation. You will have to register your clan, if you would like to represent it in game. Now, ofc this would be prefered to be done by your leader, but im sure we could change it manually at a later date. When your other clan mates enter they will simply need to register there nick, then you can /gang invite them, and them /gang join, then the tag will be placed on there nick.

Creating a gang.
The command is /gang create Gangname
/gang for syntax
You may not do this on an enemy turf, as the turf you select will be your starting point, this is subject to change. Gangs must contain 3 members within one hour or they will be removed. Also gang house, or gang houses for each turf our in development.

Gang Turf System:
If a gang owns the turf, you must kill a member of that gang on that turf to start a gang war. If Civilians own the turf, you must kill any player on that turf to start a gang war. Its first to 5 kills wins, once the gang war is started. You may kill them anywhere on the map. If a gang owns the turf then you must kill the gang members, if civilian own the turf you must kill any 5 players.

If you are not wanted then you can join the law.
4 Levels of Law Enforcement
Cop - kill a member of the gang 4 times to start a war.
Swat - Kill a member of the gang 3 times to start a war.
FBI - Kill a member of the gang 2 times to start a war.
Army - Kill a member of the gang 1 time to start a war.
You may NOT kill any unwanted player as the law, or this will result in a demotion.
Killing gang members that are wanted, is how you are promoted.

There are 4 random pickups around the city.
Package Pickups
Red packages - These give you health,armor OR Death!
Grey packages - These contain weapons
Green Packages - These contain ammo
Dollar Sign - These give OR take your money

Aside from buying guns at ammu.
You can also use /buy ... /buy tank /buy hunter /buy chainsaw etc.

Currently you can buy food at food stores by clicking eat.

More features/updates to come. Join the server, join the fun.

Burn One.


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The Asylum
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