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 [DENIED]Cherry (Night) app

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PostSubject: [DENIED]Cherry (Night) app   Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:30 am

Invited By:  study

Ingame Name: [FF]Cherry, [FF]N1GHTZ, Psycho
Name you will wear if you are accepted: [SAK]Psycho or [SAK]Psycho[FF]
Contact email: vexangel7@gmail.com
Age: 16,5
Reason: SAK is serious clan and i want to try to join it.
Previous clans: [FF] - FINAL FANTASY
How active per day can you be: 12,6,4 hours
Games you play: samp
Gaming Skills (Rate 0-10): 8
Media Editing skills (Photoshop, Vegas): i will learn about photoshop this year
Extra info:

For samp
How long you've been playing sa-mp: 1,5 year
Playing style(rpg,stunt,dm...): A/D,DM
Do you know any weapons bug? (if so tell what bugs): C bug, slidebug...
Mostly played servers: party server
When can you be tested? (post date GMT, time and server): i'm busy this 2 days, so i can post time later...  study
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[DENIED]Cherry (Night) app
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