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PostSubject: Ranks   Ranks ToDLZqbSat Feb 02, 2013 8:52 pm

This is the place where forum ranks are defined, they are also the same as our clan ranks.
Now they will be shown in order of power from most to least.
Each of them also contains a list of what they can do, their powers.


Master admin with full powers. This rank is given to the people that have actually founded the clan.
An owner is responsible of the whole clan and anything related to it, as well as its people. Each owner has to think about the future of the clan, being extremely careful when taking decisions as they may affect the entire community.
Owners act completely free without even needing another owner to do it. But it is recomended for them to share their thoughts.

- Full administration.
- Highest charge in the Court and Congress.
- Highest voting value.
- Veto against: Owner, Leader, Co-Leader, SAK Member, SAK Recruit, User and Guest.
- Apply serious disciplinary actions on any user.
- Decide about any process.
- Make any exception.


Admin with great powers. This rank is given to promoted co-leaders.
Leaders are responsible of daily moderation of the clan and all the members of the clan or the leading staff under their rank.
Their task is to take decisions after having informed owners or honor leaders so that they aproove it (unless they decide about small things that are not very important), to work hard to complete the tasks that the congress can offer or to propose some of them there, to moderate the main sections of the forum and to lead members to the desired direction (the spirit of the clan, being active, events, morale...)
Honor leaders are given the highest rank posible that can be obtained without having founded the clan (or else they would be owners). Their main functions is to help owners with their task by telling them their opinion about the clan and its people. They are also take Leading tasks; the same as Leaders, but higher.

- High moderation and averaged administration.
- Part of the Court.
- High charge in the Congress.
- Very high voting value.
- Veto against: Co-Leader, SAK Member, SAK Recruit, User and Guest.
- Apply disciplynary actions on users with less rank.
- Suggest serious disciplinary actions against any user.
- Decide about any process under their rank.
- Ask for permission to recruit a member without applying.
- Suggest freely, with high priority.


Small admin with small powers. This rank is given to promoted veterans.
Co-leaders are there to help leaders in their tasks. For that reason co-leaders have the same tasks than leaders, but not the same powers (as they don't need them). Co-leaders have to inform leaders about anything related to the tasks they have to acomplish and have to complete what leaders assign to them.
The congress is also opened to coleaders so they can make progress on it.

- Medium moderation.
- Access to the Congress.
- High voting value.
- Veto against: SAK Member, SAK Recruit, User and Guest.
- Apply small disciplynary actions on users with less rank.
- Suggest serious disciplinary actions against users with less rank.
- Decide about applications and wars.
- Suggest freely, with normal priority.


Regular clan member. They become Veterans when they have been memebers for more than 3 years when a new one starts.
SAK Members are part of the clan and that makes them responsible of the clan too.
Members have to carry the tag where they go, increase their skills, get along with the rest of the members and help the clan grow.

- Minimun moderation.
- Normal voting value.
- Suggest freely, with low priority.
- Full rights and high capabilities.


Users that were invited to join SAK and applied. They are in a testing process and have less powers than SAK Members.
If they pass they become SAK Members.
A recruit has to act like a member, but doesn't have the same rights.

- Normal voting value.
- Suggest about things under admin ranks.
- Highly Increased rights and capabilities.


SAK Affiliates is a class that grants any user recognition as a friend of the clan as well as some extra small rights

Anyone who wants to affiliate to the clan only has to join the SAK Affiliates group, available in the forum.

This rank is suitable for:
- People who is not interested in membership but like the clan.
- A user that can't be an active member.
- People that is already in other clan.
- Multiclanners: we don't want multiclanners as members, but they are free to affiliate
- People that want to become a member
- and other examples...

- Not so Low voting value.
- Suggest about things under admin ranks.
- Increased rights and capabilities.


Users that are not SAK Members but have some relationship with the clan.
Example: Forum accounts, regular players...

- Low voting value.
- Suggest about minor things.


Users that have no relationship with the clan.
Example: Forum viewers that have not registered, random players...

- Register.
- Ask for help.

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