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SAK - Stunters and Killers
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 How to be a SAK?

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PostSubject: How to be a SAK?   Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:30 am

An obvious, unspoken rule, is a required understanding of the English language of at least intermediate level, to ensure you can communicate with other members.

Once your interest in our clan and your good intentions have been noticed by members and higher ranks, you may receive an invitation, which allows you to make an application and puts you in the way to formally become a SAK member and asset. Either way you may also decide to apply at your own will.

First of all: think carefuly, you are going to enter a clan, not to earn a prestige badge. This is a community. You are suposed to actively participate in clan affairs and maintain a healthy relationship with our members.

When you enter the clan you earn a clan tag. Additionally, you are required to:

- Be active: Just try to participate in everything you are allowed to or start your own scenarios to make others participate.
- Get along with members and spend time with them.
- Use the forum like no tomorrow (not literally, just use it normally)
- Play games with us, share media (screens, vids, comments, self created material)
- Follow the rules
- SAMP is not really required, but it will help a lot if you play or start playing it.
- Have fun with gaming, video or reading. (and share it)
- Unless you have a major excuse, you NEED to be in posession of a Steam account, which is a great platform for meet ups and event planning.
- Join our steam group (even before posting the application)
- We play CS:GO and L4D2 mainly. You are required to own at least one of those.

These are the basics for being a member, but as such, you need to acknowledge the essence of the clan, the reason why it was created. We aim for originality and style.
Following those ideas is easy:

- Stunting is about making acrobatic, spectacular or dangerous actions. For example: In San Andreas grab your bike and climb a very high roof using only a bump and your speed; in Call Of Duty spin 360 degrees after each kill, or go further and spin 720 before achieving a double kill after it using only your last sniper round; in chess offer the queen but manage to keep her alive or complete a whole match without losing more than 3 pawns; always go for the highest difficulty... and those things.
The stunting sense will let you do it but: do it acrobatic, do it spectacular, do an insanely difficult thing and succeed. Your skill lets you do it.

- Killing was born in SAMP where you could kill other players, so the idea is as easy as killing them all and better than anyone (better if killed in a stunt). But you can apply it to any other game, just try to score the most and then it counts as killing.

If you still think you can be a SAK then congratulations, because if you can follow the ideal you deserve it.
If not you can become an Affiliate and support the clan.

Follow the tutorial explained here to become SAK and not any other variation

The first step is to become an affiliate to the clan and to meet the clan itself. You should hang around with clan members to develop some bonds that will be useful for your application, for you as a member and for the clan itself.
(spend time with real members, follow the ideal and develop some friendship)

If after doing that you still want to join the clan post an application, else stay as an affiliate or unsubscribe from that condition.

This is the application post tutorial

The title of your post: Use a few words that can effectively introduce yourself and tell everyone it is an application. Avoid colors, using the "]", "[" symbols or using the tags we use to flag applications as finished (or yours will be considered as finished and so will be closed).

Now description: There you will write some more information if you consider it is needed.

Now the body of the post:
Format wrote:

- Personal info

Name(optional): MyRealName
Contact email: mymail@mail.mine
Age: MyAge
Country, City/Timezone: MyCountry, MyCity/MyTimezone (GMT)
Main languages: Any language is important, list here the ones you can use efficiently.
Introduce yourself: Write a brief explanation about who you are so we can know about you in a blink of an eye

- Gaming info

Common nicknames: MyMostUsedNicknames
Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mysteamprofile
Games you play: Tell us about your favourite games. The ones you play (or have played) the most, for example.
How active per day can you be?: Tell us how much active are u per day/week.
Clan history (where you have been and why you left): Your previous clans are important for us. Explain a bit about those clans, the reason to choose them and the reason to leave.
How did you find out of the SAK clan or got us to know?: Tell us the way you started to know about this clan.
Why SAK?: You are about to join SAK, we assume it is because you like what we offer to our members and you. But you should now tell us about it. What is exactly what makes you choose SAK and not any other clan?

- Skills info

Image: I'm good with photoshop and am learning SAI
Video: Well, i don't really have an idea about this
Programming: I can read java, but nothing more
Animation: No skills at all

Talk about your expenrience in those subjects, delete the ones you don't know about and add any other subject we could be interested in and you know about

- Extra info(optional): Anything you want to include that was not listed before and that is interesting for your application goes here.
No extra info? Just delete this part.

Once your application is done, post it and wait patiently for leaders to review it.

Now a leader will validate the application by Accepting or Denying it.

Once you are [ACCEPTED] you can wear the tag with a little r that means you are a recruit.
Achieving recruit status does NOT mean you will surely become a full member any time soon. You are still on trial period, and so we will be directly or indirectly testing you to see if you're fit to join our ranks.

At this point your application will turn into a promotion ([MEMBER]) or will revoke your recruit status ([REJECTED]) depending on your doing
If you pass and get the member tag you can update it in your name, becoming a full member.

Add the tag this way:

Tag wrote:
Becoming a Recruit:
Name ---> [SAKr]Name
(SAKr)Name, SAKr_Name, Name[SAKr]...

Becoming a Member:
[SAKr]Name ---> [SAK]Name

This was what you need to know, follow this post and you won't have problems with your application.

Format code:

[i]- Personal info[/i]

[b]Contact email:[/b]
[b]Country, City/Timezone:[/b]
[b]Main languages:[/b]
[b]Introduce yourself:[/b]

[i]- Gaming info[/i]

[b]Common nicknames:[/b]
[b]Steam Profile:[/b]
[b]Games you play:[/b]
[b]How active per day can you be?:[/b]
[b]Clan history (where you have been and why you left):[/b]
[b]How did you find out of the SAK clan or got us to know?:[/b]
[b]Why SAK?:[/b]

[i]- Skills info[/i]


[b]Extra Info:[/b]

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How to be a SAK?
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