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 Ending SAK Membership

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PostSubject: Ending SAK Membership   Ending SAK Membership ToDLZqbSat Aug 23, 2014 6:00 am

The aim of this post is to provide guidance on how to deal with the event of a member potentially leaving our clan.

Revoking membership because of conduct.

If a member exhibits bad behaviour and turns out to be a consistent annoyance for the rest of the community ALL leaders including clan owners have to be notified as soon as possible so they can debate what kind of action to take. Once this has been done leaders will allow SAK members to join the discussion and offer suggestions. There could also be the case where a member shows a bad conduct towards another single member, and in that case we will approach the problem in the exact same way. We will not boot a member simply because another member (or higher rank) does not particularly like them, so always inform higher ranks when this happens so we can reach an agreement and avoid unnecessary drama. Members whose membership has been revoked for conduct will not be allowed to return save for special cases.

Case for inactivity.

We don't have a time limit for inactivity, but members that for whatever reason need to leave the scene for a while have to let us know beforehand. In order to do this a new post will be created in Private Section.

This is the official model to use:

Inactivity Model:

After coming back the inactive member will have to look for that post and answer to cancel it. If an inactive member exceeds its condition and does not return or completely disappears inactivity condition will be revoked and proper actions taken. These members are allowed to return. But they'll have to pass a special recruit period where their activity has to be tested.

We will still conserve their membership when they take a sudden leave without telling anyone, and in general we expect any inactivity to take up several months at most. In most cases they simply become inactive for the clan activities, but still show up on our chats and other sites. In the event that someone disappears without a trace for a long time (6+ months, even years), we can consider leaving them out if everyone deems it necessary, but we will try to contact them everywhere we can from time to time. In any case though, we will opt to wait and be patient in most cases.

Ending membership by the member's own request.

All members are free to leave this clan if they choose to, however this decision will have repercussions as they will lose their rank and will not regain it automatically if they decide to join us again (the vacant position could have been filled by other SAK member already), nor are they exempt from being tested and being in a recruit trial yet again. Whoever wants to leave for good should just make a post stating so and we will bid farewell. In general we won't allow past members to return after a second leaving unless it's a special case.

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Ending SAK Membership
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