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PostSubject: Minimum   Sun Sep 14, 2014 1:41 am

Minimum is a new game that is being developed right now. It has good graphics and a well made gameplay.

As you can see graphics have almost no textures, they are all simple colors. That's because developers have decided to focus more on gameplay by using those simple graphics, and that is what looks interesting about this game.
Gameplay is about two teams with different classes that fight to conquer enemy base. In other to do that they have a good set of weapons that can be upgraded, as well as the outfit. But those are not the only resources that are available, there are also titans with huge firepower that can also be upgraded, giant walls, sentries, gadgets, npcs... There's a lot to do to win a match, but most of these activities will be about upgrading stuff.

It has been released on steam as an early access game, which is also cheap. So if you like it you can get it.

I have personally not tested the game, but it looks interesting.

Have some gameplay:

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